This video details the considerable benefits invoice finance can offer your business.

Personal gains

1. Money in your pocket

Invoice finance can put money in your pocket by providing your business with the capital it needs to fund growth and increase profits.

2. Peace of mind

It’s a huge relief to know funds are available to sustain your business.  You’ll be able to meet your commitments without worry.

3. More free time

You’ll be able to work smarter, not harder. It’s a quick, flexible facility. You’ll save time by not having to chase your customers to pay their bills. You can concentrate on the big picture.

4. Sense of independence and freedom

You may never need to go cap in hand to your bank manager ever again.  You don’t need to extend your overdraft or line of credit or risk an embarrassing knock back.

5. Separate your business and personal affairs

Another big plus is that you avoid having to tip more of  your savings into your business, or use your house as security to obtain funds.

Business gains

1. Debt Free Finance

Invoice finance isn’t a loan. It is a straightforward transaction. It doesn’t appear on your balance sheet as a debt. That makes it easier to actually get a loan, or sell your business when the time comes.

2. Unlimited capital

Invoice finance grows with your sales.  The more sales you make, the greater the amount of funds which are available.

3. Immediate cash

You can have cash in your bank account within 24 hours of asking once you have an established account.

4. Unrestricted use of funds

You can use the money for any purpose.

5. Avoid Credit Issues

By selling an invoice you’ll ensure that you’ll be able to meet your commitments on time. You’ll reduce the risk of an unfortunate blemish on your credit file. And, your suppliers will love you if you can pay for goods and services quickly.

6. Reduce Costs

If you can pay for goods on delivery your suppliers may provide you with discounts which cover the cost of the invoice finance.

7. Competitive Edge

You can beat off the opposition by offering potential customers extended repayment terms knowing you’ve got funds available to you.

8. Tailored funding

You decide when to sell an invoice or how many.

9. Easy and Fast

It is easier to obtain funds because finance providers like us  focus on the strength of your customer rather than your balance sheet, or how long you have been in business.

10. No contracts

Single invoice finance is a one off transaction. There are no handcuffs and no hidden fees.

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