Is there anything more frustrating or annoying than waiting weeks or months for a customer to pay a bill?

You supplied your services immediately, but they won’t pay until they’re good and ready.

It happens so often and, it really sets you back.

How can you grasp an opportunity to build your business when there is no cash to buy stock or hire staff?

What about your reputation? You have suppliers knocking loudly on your door, you’ve got wages to pay, utilities, rent, super, workcover, tax.

Talk about stressful!

So, how do you fix it?

Many business owners use single invoice finance to obtain working capital and stabilize their cash flow.

It works like this. After you have billed a customer, you offer to sell the invoice to us. If we buy it we’ll put 80% of its value into your bank account right away.

You get the remaining 20% – less our fee – when your customer pays.

That’s it. Could raising funds be any easier?

Sell us just one invoice or as many as you like. You’re in charge.

Use the money for any purpose.

We generally don’t require security over your home.

And we’ll talk to you if your a start up or have credit issues, because really it’s more about the strength of your customer than it is about you.

Single invoice finance helps small businesses escape the death spiral caused by poor cash flow. We’re the safety net which gives you the breathing space and the resources to keep your business on track.

So, call us NOW and eliminate YOUR cash flow stress – 1300 430 076