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Trade Finance

Need To Pay Your International Or Domestic Suppliers?

Get Those Goods Delivered!

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Don’t Miss The Boat

Have you ever been in this situation?

You have customers knocking on your door.

You have suppliers who can give you what they want.

All that’s left is to enjoy the profits.


Your suppliers require payment before the goods are shipped and you don’t have the cash.

Frustrated?  You bet!

Plenty of businesses miss the boat when it comes to importing goods, but now there’s a very good chance we can ensure you never miss the boat again.

Our trade finance product is the ticket that gives you access to suppliers around the globe.


Keep Your Orders Moving

Trade Finance is a secured working capital solution enabling  you to pay your domestic and international suppliers when they require without using your own capital.

If importing, you can have your goods landed, delivered, re-packaged or  modified and on-sold before having to come up with the purchase costs.

The facility is an off-balance sheet, revolving credit line giving you the option of extending your payment terms out to 150 days.

The facility allows you to keep up with your customers orders without any interruption caused by poor cash flow.

It gives you the confidence to plan ahead, manage your resources more effectively and grow your business. 


A Perfect Solution





Trade Finance

A Flexible solution for businesses buying locally and overseas with C.O.D. or short supplier terms.  An excellent choice when importing goods.

- Fund deposits

- Pay before goods are shipped
- Extend payment terms
- No cost set up or on-going
- No letters of credit requirement
- Easy online portal to manage and track transactions
- Extend credit terms
- Simple supplier payment request
Pay only for funds drawn

- 12+ months trading
- $2m+ annual turnover
- Profitable
- Strong balance sheet
-Tax up to date or payment plan
-Clean credit


Success Story – Manufacturer, $200,000 Facility

The Challenge

The client imports sound reducing textile material. Customers were making large orders and the business was poised for major growth.

The spoke in the wheel was a cash flow gap caused by suppliers demanded payment before shipment.

The client’s bank wouldn’t help because of lack of acceptable security.

The Solution

We set up a trade finance facility using unencumbered assets owned by the director.

This gave the client an initial limit of $200,000 allowing the business to meet the orders.

The 150 day repayment terms ensure the client has time to collect payments from its customers beforhand.

The Result

Within six months the facility limit was increased by $100,000.

The facility give the client all the cash it requires to import goods when required.

That means the client can take new orders well ahead of the delivery dates.

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