Our partner, Fifo Capital, is a leading provider of cash flow finance services to Australian businesses.

Fifo Capital Is Our Invoice Factoring PartnerSince our association began in 2010 we have enjoyed a relationship which continues to benefit all our clients.

Fifo Capital raises its funds privately and is independent of major banks and lending institutions.

It began operations in New Zealand and Australia opening over 60 franchised offices.  The owners of www.singleinvoicefinance.com

own an Australian national franchise allowing them to operate in every state.

Fifo recently opened  in the U.K and is expanding into Canada.

Fifo is one of the most successful of non-bank, small business financiers in this country. To date,  Fifo has funded in excess of $1 billion of transactions to over 2,800 trading clients.

Customer satisfaction  – as measured by the industry standard Net Promoter Score – is 63%.  This is one of the highest scores given to a financier in Australia and New Zealand

Fifo Capital specializes in creating innovative finance solutions for businesses among them a revolutionary supply chain product that will change the face of  cash flow funding.  You can learn more about it in this guide to supply chain finance.

For more information about invoice factoring or any products, please call us on 1300 430 076 or complete our contact form.