We helped this small resurfacing company double its business in 12 months.

The owner came to us because while he had been offered a number of large contracts he could not accept them because of the impact they would have on his cash flow.

The problem was that the big companies offering the jobs were demanding payment terms of  30 days or more.

That meant he would not have the working capital to pay and retain staff and meet other overheads.

This was a real anchor on his business and he was on the verge of chucking it in and going back to work for his old boss.

However, we were able to put a facility in place which ensured he always had working capital available.

This gave him the confidence to bid for, and win, some major contracts.  He hasn’t looked back – doubling his turnover in just under a year.

We are very  proud of our support for this company because it set the business on its feet and heading towards much bigger and better things.

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