Delinquent Payment Figures Rise 28%

Forget the Minties. At a time like this you need single invoice finance!

The reason?

According to Business watchdog, Dun and Bradstreet, Australian businesses are increasingly neglecting to pay their bills.

The number of severely delinquent payments has jumped 28% over the Christmas period.

D & B’s definition of severely delinquent is 90 days plus and it says we’ve reached a 12 month high.

The worst offenders are in forestry, mining, finance, insurance and real estate and their tardiness is placing a lot of pressure on business owners downstream who are waiting to be paid.

Unless they have deep pockets, some will be struggling to meet their own commitments.  Others will be struggling to survive.

The solution is single invoice finance.

It is a very quick and flexible way to raise working capital and get a business back on its feet.

For example, if your customer in the forestry industry owes you $10,000, but you have no hope of payment for 90 days, you can sell the unpaid invoice to an invoice or debtor finance company like ours.

We will give you up to 80% of the value of the invoice immediately.  You get the rest when your customer pays, less our fee which is a small percentage of the invoice amount.

It is as simple as that.

Your money worries disappear overnight. You are able to pay staff, buy inventory, meet your overheads and keep you business on track.

You are not going into debt, because you are selling an asset and the transaction should not affect your business loans.

There are no long term contracts to sign. Generally, no property security is required and there are no set up or establishment fees.

Single invoice finance is a great solution for small and medium sized companies experiencing short term cash flow challenges.