Fifo Capital Is Our Invoice Factoring Partner

Our partner, Fifo Capital, is a leading provider of invoice factoring services to Australian businesses.

Since our association began in 2010 we have enjoyed a relationship which continues to benefit all our clients.

Fifo Capital raises its funds privately and is independent of major banks and lending institutions.

It began operations in New Zealand and Australia opening over 60 franchised offices in both countries.  The owners of

own a national franchise allowing them to operate in every state.

Fifo recently opened an office in the U.K and is expanding into Canada.

The group has also developed other innovative finance products for small and medium sized enterprises including a short-term business loan and a unique “reverse debtor finance” product in which Fifo Capital pays an invoice on behalf of a debtor who repays the funds in installments.

This product can be arranged either by the supplier or the debtor.

For more information about invoice factoring or any products, please call us on 1300 430 076 or click on the link below.

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