Are your customers taking too long to pay ?  We can turn their bills into cash right now.   Would that help your business?

We’ll buy just one invoice
You can sell us more, but you don’t have to. Compare that with our competitors who want to tie up all your invoices for one or two years. If you’re a company that just needs a short term injection of cash and the freedom to then move on….you’re our customer.

We’re lightening fast
You can be approved for funds within 24 hours of completing our our low fat application forms.  You can have money in your account a few hours later.

Our fee structure is completely transparent
We charge a single flat fee based on the value of the invoice and the time it takes to be paid.  There are no hidden fees in the fine print of our documents. No application fees, account management fees or exit fees.

You don’t have to offer your home as security
We don’t want to take a security over your personal assets.  Most of our competitors will.

We’ll deal with you even if you have just one customer
Most of our competitors require a lot more.

No minimum Turnover
We focus on your customer…who after all owes the money, so we don’t require that you have a minimum turnover or a minimum level of income.  If your customer is strong we’ll back you…even if you are a start up or have a bit of s credit history.

To discover more compelling reasons to use for your cash flow needs call us on 1300 430 076 or explore our information packed website.