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Watch the video for 6 reasons our invoice factoring service can stabilize your cash flow and get your business back on track.

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Invoice Finance For Australian Business

Our single invoice finance and debtor finance services will help you to eliminate the stress of poor cash flow and release the pressure on both your business and your health.


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Single Invoice Finance Solves The Cash Flow Squeeze

Are unexpected costs and slow paying customers creating havoc in your business?

We’ve got the solution!

Our single invoice finance facility restores your working capital by providing funds  secured by your unpaid sales invoices.

What a difference that can make.  Instead of waiting weeks or months for a customer to settle an account, you can have the cash within days.

You can finance just one invoice,  or a number over an extended period.  It’s up to you.

We offer single invoice finance to a wide range of businesses in a variety industries.

We are sympathetic to start-ups and those with  credit issues.  There are no application fees, no long term contracts, or minimum turnover requirements.

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Here’s What Our Customers Say

Your service has been great and I would not hesitate recommending you to other clients in the future. Thanks again for working with me.
Paul - Owner, I.T. Consultancy
Thank you. The service you’re providing my company has been extremely valuable in troubling times. You have managed to pull us out of some sticky situations.
Aaron - Roofing Company Director
We only deal with Paul and we’ve received excellent service. We’ll continue to have a long working relationship with them.
Dave - CEO, Engineering Company
Thank you for the great service! I have been extremely pleased with the products and the professionalism.
Jakub - Director, Labour Hire Company
I know words can be said without any meaning, but I say this with heartfelt thanks. Your help really is appreciated very much.
Jeanette - Gen. Manager, Telecom Installer
Thank you for you assistance due to my financial difficulties. I look forward to have more business with you in the future.
T - Painting Contractor


How It Works

How Invoice Finance Works

Watch the video to discover how invoice finance eliminates cash flow stress.


How We Can Help Your Business Grow

How we can help your business grow

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